This website is a nondenominational prayer link for those who are in need of prayer for themselves or for loved ones, as well as, those who like to pray to help others. Everyone, no matter what religious affiliation or denomination, if any, is at times in need of prayers for themselves or a loved one going through life challenges, a frightening situation or in times of transition. Prayernetworks.org is designed to allow you to request prayers for whatever situation you are in  and those requests will be responded to with hundreds of others praying.

The power of prayer has brought many miracles to my family and loved ones and I wanted to share this website with you.

Below are just a few examples of how prayer has  impacted my life in a positive way:

My mother in-law has an established “prayer hotline” which has had amazing results. For example, over four years ago my calf swelled up to almost twice the size. When I saw an orthopedic surgeon, he said it was either the biggest Baker’s cyst he had ever seen in his career or a rare form of cancer. Prayers were said and it turned out to be a large Baker’s cyst. The doctor said I would need surgery to remove the pocket; however, it dissipated, so no surgery was needed.

My husband was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma this past year. He had to undergo chemotherapy and the doctor told him the one thing he could promise was my husband would lose all of his hair, after six treatments (7 hours in length), my husband lost almost none of his hair at all. He only missed six days of work while he was having his treatment and he felt pretty well during the course of treatment (just a little tired). He amazingly even gained weight during treatment and is today cancer free.

We have a very good friend who was literally on the verge of death (he had flat lined), but who had a full recovery, when the doctor’s didn’t believe he would be able to survive. I believe this happened through the power of prayer.

These are just a few of the miracles I have experienced, so I ask you to join me by either posting your prayer requests or my being a member of the prayer team who will pray for others who are in need. I would also like to invite you to share personal examples of when you have experienced the power of prayer in your life.

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